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Blog about K9 Highland Dog Chew, All Natural Healthy Dog Chew with No Preservatives

Product Reviews


This week we thought we would collate a few product reviews that those interested in K9 Highland Dog Chew can refer to.

Tested by dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds they give a nicely rounded view of our cheesey chew! We even have a fido friend who reviews the microwaved chew.


Gone to the Snow Dogs - 3 Siberian Huskies take on their very first K9 Highland Dog Chew (and a part from Shiloh who was not very well, they LOVED it!)

Gone to the Snow Dogs Product Review


Good Bloggie - 2 French Bull Dogs, Ghost & Mandie try out K9 Highland Dog Chew - not only did they prefer it to a rival cheese chew but they ripped it from it's packaging!



Dogs Today Magazine's pooches, Danny & Pandy loved their K9 Highland Dog Chews - and they can attest to no unwanted side-effects too!




Alfie's Blog - An Entlebucher Mountain Dog, Alfie adored his K9 Highland Dog Chew - "The cheesy chews went down a treat - it wasn't quite as chewy as a rawhide, but it lasted a looooong time - longer than a pig's ear *Waggy tail*!!"

Alfie's Blog


Preston Speaks - And he has spoken! Fellow Highlander, Preston couldn't get enough of his K9 Highland Dog Chew - "I have to say, these chews are amazing!  I was in chew heaven.  When I wasn’t chewing on it, I carried it around and hid it so my brother Elvis wouldn’t put his slobbery mouth on my special chew!  This chew also lasted a few weeks, which is a long time for me."

Preston Speaks

Another Alfie & another Westie! These chews have been an incredible find for Alfie's allergies - he no longer has to have his teeth cleaned, it lasts him weeks and it doesn't effect his numerous allergies - not only that - he can't get enough of it! Read his letter to us here:


Microwaved Chew - Sprocket tries out a microwaved K9 Highland Dog Chew because he has sensitive teeth - it worked a treat! Watch him gnaw on it here: 


Cheese for dogs


The debate about whether it is ok to feed cheese to dogs has been discussed a lot over time and simply put; the answer is all relative to your dog and the type of cheese you’re feeding them.

Considering the many different breeds of dog, different shapes, sizes and health conditions, there is no definitive answer. However, when it is non-fat (like K9 Highland Dog Chew is) you can count it as a nutritional food source for your dog.

K9 Highland Dog Chew is a whopping 63.1% milk protein, which is very beneficial for your pooch. Think stronger bones and healthy teeth.

K9 Highland Dog Chew is also long lasting therefore you can give it to your dog in small doses if you think they might be more sensitive to it than the average fido.

Lastly, K9 Highland Dog Chew is non-fat, which is the main factor in making cheese healthy for dogs to eat, it is easy on their stomach and means they won’t be experiencing any unwelcome weight gain!

If you have any more questions about cheese for your dog, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do our best to answer your queries. 

If you would like to read more about K9 Highland Dog Chew and what it did for one little West Highland Terrier and his allergies or to read more about how milk protein can benefit your four-legged friend see our previous blog posts.


 Cheese for dogs


Alfie's Letter

To the guys @ Churpi,

Thank you very much for my new K9 Highland Dog Chew... as you can see, I love it!
I'm Alfie, a 9 year old Westie - a devilishly handsome one at that, even if I do say so myself. I've got lots of allergies that can make me very unwell if I eat the wrong things, and can't have yummies like chicken, pork, beef, lamb or any cereals so my mum is a little bit limited in what she can buy me, and to make matters worse I'm told I'm quite the fusspot (I personally like to think I simply have a refined palate)  - my mum says I'm a pain because she keeps buying me expensive chews and I won't use them - but I mean, c'mon, who would want to chew on a lump of deer antler or a bone made of nylon anyway?! Sheez! 

My mum read about your chews a little while ago in Dogs Today magazine and told me all about them (she's one of those nutty types that talk to their dog like a human - please, just humour her). She thought they sounded good but wouldn't buy me one because she said I wouldn't use it - boohoohoo! 

A few more weeks of battling me to brush my teeth everyday (I'm a bit wiggly and don't like it very much but she insists because I eat mostly wet food because of my allergies, and won't eat chews to clean them myself!), she finally caved in and bought me a K9 chew! Hehe, I had it planned all along you see...

Anyway, my mum should have brought me a tasty nom nom cheesy chew in the first place because I loooooove it! I've been having it every night after my dinner for fifteen minutes to have a good gnaw on to clean my teeth - mum says it must do a good job because of the noise my teeth make when they rub on it! (although even  then she's not entirely happy because I hear her tut under her breath and turn the telly up a bit, but nevermind!).  I'm only a little squirt so haven't managed to get much off of it yet but I enjoy trying.. and besides, when I grow up I want to be a Great Dane, so I'll be more successful then. 
I loves it very much because it's very tasty and cheesy (I love normal cheese but mum says too much will make me fat - and then she goes and scoffs a load in a sandwhich herself! Double standards if you ask me) but also because I don't have to have my teeth brushed anymore! And it doesn't give me a runny tummy, poorly gunky ears or make me very itchy like lots of treats can do. 
So thank you very much Churpi, I shall be a regular customer and will bark at mum lots until she buys me more!
Love and licks,

Alfie x  


Winning Doggy Smiles

Last week we announced the winners of the Dogs Today Magazine 'Say Cheese' competition.
25 of the best doggy smiles were chosen to win a K9 Highland Dog Chew each and so we thought we would share with you a selection of the winning smiles:





To view all of the winning smiles watch this video. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you're at it!

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