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Blog about K9 Highland Dog Chew, All Natural Healthy Dog Chew with No Preservatives

New Stockists of K9 Highland Dog Chew



Since K9 Highland Dog Chew launched almost 3 years ago there have been lots of new developments, enquiries and some great feedback!
 Churpi is currently only available online through this website, unfortunately we can not make enough to supply to retailers at this point in time.

If you want retail supply then please contact us and we will keep you updated as to availability


Churpi Website: You can buy all sizes and small quantities of K9 Highland Dog Chew from our website. Currently all sizes of K9 Highland Dog Chew are available for purchase from amazon. 


We hope to increase our distribution during 2016 so keep your eye on our blog, facebook and twitter pages to keep up-to-date on our progress!





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