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Blog about K9 Highland Dog Chew, All Natural Healthy Dog Chew with No Preservatives

Handy Hint: Microwave your Chew!


We have had a few queries regarding K9 Highland Dog Chew for dogs with sensitive teeth so we thought we would share with you a handy tip for dogs with sensitive/weak teeth: You can put your K9 Highland Dog Chew in the microwave!
We recommend you put it in for 20-30 seconds and depending on your power settings you may want to put it in for longer. 
Always keep an eye on it so that it doesn't burn and make sure you leave it to cool before giving it to your dog.

In the microwave K9 Highland Dog Chew will begin to expand and take on a funny shape. The heat will make it softer and therefore easier for your dog to chew and will also bring out all the cheesy smells that your dog will love!

This tip is also useful for chews that are almost finished.  Microwaving it will make it bigger - and therefore easier to hold - and softer, making the last piece of the chew easier to eat!

K9 Highland Dog Chew Microwaved 
 Watch Sprocket with his microwaved chew here.

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