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Blog about K9 Highland Dog Chew, All Natural Healthy Dog Chew with No Preservatives

Alfie's Letter

To the guys @ Churpi,

Thank you very much for my new K9 Highland Dog Chew... as you can see, I love it!
I'm Alfie, a 9 year old Westie - a devilishly handsome one at that, even if I do say so myself. I've got lots of allergies that can make me very unwell if I eat the wrong things, and can't have yummies like chicken, pork, beef, lamb or any cereals so my mum is a little bit limited in what she can buy me, and to make matters worse I'm told I'm quite the fusspot (I personally like to think I simply have a refined palate)  - my mum says I'm a pain because she keeps buying me expensive chews and I won't use them - but I mean, c'mon, who would want to chew on a lump of deer antler or a bone made of nylon anyway?! Sheez! 

My mum read about your chews a little while ago in Dogs Today magazine and told me all about them (she's one of those nutty types that talk to their dog like a human - please, just humour her). She thought they sounded good but wouldn't buy me one because she said I wouldn't use it - boohoohoo! 

A few more weeks of battling me to brush my teeth everyday (I'm a bit wiggly and don't like it very much but she insists because I eat mostly wet food because of my allergies, and won't eat chews to clean them myself!), she finally caved in and bought me a K9 chew! Hehe, I had it planned all along you see...

Anyway, my mum should have brought me a tasty nom nom cheesy chew in the first place because I loooooove it! I've been having it every night after my dinner for fifteen minutes to have a good gnaw on to clean my teeth - mum says it must do a good job because of the noise my teeth make when they rub on it! (although even  then she's not entirely happy because I hear her tut under her breath and turn the telly up a bit, but nevermind!).  I'm only a little squirt so haven't managed to get much off of it yet but I enjoy trying.. and besides, when I grow up I want to be a Great Dane, so I'll be more successful then. 
I loves it very much because it's very tasty and cheesy (I love normal cheese but mum says too much will make me fat - and then she goes and scoffs a load in a sandwhich herself! Double standards if you ask me) but also because I don't have to have my teeth brushed anymore! And it doesn't give me a runny tummy, poorly gunky ears or make me very itchy like lots of treats can do. 
So thank you very much Churpi, I shall be a regular customer and will bark at mum lots until she buys me more!
Love and licks,

Alfie x  


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