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Blog about K9 Highland Dog Chew, All Natural Healthy Dog Chew with No Preservatives

Product Reviews


This week we thought we would collate a few product reviews that those interested in K9 Highland Dog Chew can refer to.

Tested by dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds they give a nicely rounded view of our cheesey chew! We even have a fido friend who reviews the microwaved chew.


Gone to the Snow Dogs - 3 Siberian Huskies take on their very first K9 Highland Dog Chew (and a part from Shiloh who was not very well, they LOVED it!)

Gone to the Snow Dogs Product Review


Good Bloggie - 2 French Bull Dogs, Ghost & Mandie try out K9 Highland Dog Chew - not only did they prefer it to a rival cheese chew but they ripped it from it's packaging!



Dogs Today Magazine's pooches, Danny & Pandy loved their K9 Highland Dog Chews - and they can attest to no unwanted side-effects too!




Alfie's Blog - An Entlebucher Mountain Dog, Alfie adored his K9 Highland Dog Chew - "The cheesy chews went down a treat - it wasn't quite as chewy as a rawhide, but it lasted a looooong time - longer than a pig's ear *Waggy tail*!!"

Alfie's Blog


Preston Speaks - And he has spoken! Fellow Highlander, Preston couldn't get enough of his K9 Highland Dog Chew - "I have to say, these chews are amazing!  I was in chew heaven.  When I wasn’t chewing on it, I carried it around and hid it so my brother Elvis wouldn’t put his slobbery mouth on my special chew!  This chew also lasted a few weeks, which is a long time for me."

Preston Speaks

Another Alfie & another Westie! These chews have been an incredible find for Alfie's allergies - he no longer has to have his teeth cleaned, it lasts him weeks and it doesn't effect his numerous allergies - not only that - he can't get enough of it! Read his letter to us here:


Microwaved Chew - Sprocket tries out a microwaved K9 Highland Dog Chew because he has sensitive teeth - it worked a treat! Watch him gnaw on it here: 


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