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Frequently Asked Questions about K9 Highland Dog Chew

  Is K9® really made from fresh non fat cow's milk 
Yes, the K9 Highland Dog Chew® is really made from fresh skimmed cow’s milk (non-fat)

  Is K9® all natural
Yes, it really is just non fat Cheese with a pinch of salt (contains 63.1% milk protein)

  What is the weight of a K9® chew
120 to 160 gms (3 to 5 oz)

  Why is the K9® chew bone shaped
Just a bit of fun (also gives a hint at the hardness and Long Lasting properties of the K9® Highland chew).

  How do you make K9® so hard?
We have a special process (Patent applied for) and store the K9® cheese under special environmental conditions for several weeks / months

  What if my K9® dog chew is too hard for my dog?
Try putting it in the microwave on full power for up to a minute - this will cause the K9® to expand, making it easier to chew and will also release the cheese aroma (view the youtube / facebook videos on microwaving K9®)

  Why are there sometimes cracks, dents and folds in my K9® cheese bone and the shape, size & colour sometimes varies
The cheese is hand made and every one will be slightly different; if there is cracking then this is due to the hand made nature and the lengthy drying out process, the slight weight variation is also due to hand moulding and slight colour changes are usually due to changes in the milk which are related to what the cow is being fed and also the age of the cheese.

  What is the shelf life of my K9® Highland chew?
Shelf life trials are ongoing and K9 is labelled with 6 months shelf life but we anticapate over 3 years + if kept in dry well ventilated conditions and in it's original packaging.

  Why is it so expensive compared to other Dog Chews
K9 cheese is human grade cheese without the moisture so it has to be more expensive than normal cheese. (Like a very hard Parmesan) K9® is very hard and longer lasting than most other Chews making it better value for money - it keeps your best friend occupied longer and is ideal for keeping your dog occupied when you have guests around.

  Can humans eat K9® cheese
Yes, but only if you have very strong teeth! From a nutritional and hygiene viewpoint it is manufactured to human grade standards and is safe to eat for humans

  Isn't salt/sodium supposed to be bad for dogs?
Salt / sodium is essential in small quantities and the amount of salt in K9® chews is small and is added as a flavour enhancer

  Where can I buy K9® long lasting natural dog chews
Online, K9® is a new product and we welcome retail enquiries. 

  Is cheese good for dogs
Cheese is as nutritious for your dog as it is for you. Cheese is used in a variety of pet foods and treats. Cheese provides excellent quality protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Pets also like the taste of cheese and it can be part of a complete and balanced pet food diet. Remember this is cheese without the fat.

  Do you manufacture the K9® Chews yourselves

  How many Chews do you recommend I give my dog?
The K9® chew is a treat to be given as a reward and is not to be used as a full meal but treated as a supplement.
If it looks like the dog is going to gulp the product down in one, then it should be taken away and tried at a later time. We recommend that ALL dogs be supervised at all times after being given ANY new product, not just the K9® Highland Dog Chews.
Hazards include but not limited to choking, indigestion and breaking teeth.

 Can I buy K9® in Europe, the USA and other countries
Yes, via the website until local demand justifies local manufacturing or local distributors established.

 Are there any side effects
No, not as far as we are aware. We have carried out extensive trials over the last 18 months and there have been NO adverse effects. Please give us your feedback so that we can share it with others (Positive and negative)

  What about bulk pricing or promotions discount? 
 Volume discounts are available and we will look favourably on organisations which look after the welfare of animals.

  What about own label retail product for major pet food retailers?


  Can my dog choke on this product
You should supervise your pet as all dogs have different ways of eating, some may try to swallow large chunks and others will gnaw on it and chip off pieces Please visit this website for information on the dangers of feeding bones as K9® cheese is as hard as a bone:

Questions regarding your pets' health and/or the specific use of any pet food, or other product should always be referred to your veterinarian

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