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Online Store - Buy K9 Highland Dog Chews made from cheese by Churpi Ltd

One All Natural K9 Highland Dog Chew (Code: 5060285412016)

One All Natural K9 Highland Dog Chew
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One All Natural K9 Highland Dog Chew One All Natural K9 Highland Dog Chew

All-natural long lasting non-fat cheese dog chew - high in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Hand made all Natural product made to human food grade standards.

Shape and weight will vary due to long drying out process, please see FAQ where you will find answers to most of your questions.

Analytical Composition:

Milk Protein 63.1%, moisture 20.2%, Carbohydrates 8.2%, Ash (Minerals) 7.86%, Fat 0.5%

Price: £5.99
plus shipping
Weight: 140 grams
Basic price: £0.04 / grams
UPDATE April 2019. We have been forced to terminate the manufacturers global license due to default / non payment of License fees. We are attempting establish with a new global licensee and will update ASAP.

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